LINKING LATINAS — Latinas share the same dreams and hopes but we are unique in our attitudes on life and our individual experiences. The global conversation is not complete without our voices, nor are we whole without linking to other Latinas. Latina Lista provides that link with hermanas around the world.

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LISTA— The latest reporting on breaking news, government legislation, justice issues, groundbreaking studies, Latina personalities and all that impacts the quality of life for Latinas/os in the United States — delivered from a Latina perspective.

MEDIACASTS— Entertainment and community news, contests, music, videos, and podcasts. From the latest music video or gallery opening by a Latina artist, an indie film by the next Salma Hayek, a podcast with today's politicians, authors and celebrities or cool contests, Latina Lista stays in touch with news you can use.. —continued on C1  

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building a dream
TIENDA— Want everyone to know that you are proud of who you are, have opinions that matter, can see the global picture — that you are una latina lista? There’s no easier way than wearing a shirt with the Latina Lista logo or sipping your café con leche from a mug that tells todo el mundo that you are ready for what the world throws your way.

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BOOKSHELF— Whether you grew up in “The House on Mango Street” where you and your amiguitas formed “The Dirty Girls Social Club” where you chatted about “How to be a Chicana Role Model” or you just dreamed of being one of the “Chicanas in Charge,” there’s no doubt that along the way you were inspired by some Latina’s writings. Take time for more inspiration and add some new Latina authors to your list.

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DoIt/HAZLO— Ever dreamed of running for political office, publishing your own newspaper, starting a business, becoming a designer – you get the picture. To learn how to fulfill your sueños, read how others did it. From the idea to the reality, you only have to do it — hazlo.

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